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Knowing how to write Press release services can be an excellent addition to a marketer’s skillset. It’s not an easy task, though. If you are used to creating other inbound-type pieces for the web, you might think that press releases are challenging to write.

They come with their own sets of formatting rules, language, and audience, but that’s the beauty of this medium; you just need to familiarize yourself with the basics, and then you’re free to get creative.

In a time when the majority of U.S. adults prefer to go online to get their news, a press release can be a powerful tool. Knowing how to play your PR cards right will lead you to get the attention of journalists, the media, and — eventually — your clients and customers.

Whether it’s about your new product line, a company event, or a new award you received, a news release helps you tell the story the way you want.

In this post, you’ll learn how to write and format press releases in a way that gets you media coverage and attention from customers. You will find a list of press release examples that you can apply to specific brand scenarios. Finally, you’ll also gain an in-depth understanding of how to use certain press release features to your advantage.

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What is a press release?

Its purpose is to collect all relevant details from the story in one source. A well-written press release can garner valuable media attention, yet leave the company the option to shape the story the way they want.

Press releases can be found on the business’s website under Press Releases, Press, Media, Media Center, or similar links. Some companies prefer to maintain an account on a PR site and release their news there.

Regularly optimizing press releases as part of your content marketing efforts can benefit your overall strategy. Their added perk as a marketing tool is that they can generate demand organically, thanks to interest from reporters.

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Press Release Types

You can announce different types of news using this medium. The below-mentioned examples, while they do follow the established press release formatting guidelines, also stand out of the crowd within their categories.

Scroll to learn more about the different types of press releases.

1. Product Launches and Updates

We know from studies on customer psychology that trying to sell a new product requires the delicate handling of a whole set of objections. We also know that one of the most important brain triggers is the “first and last” effect, meaning that a product launch press release (which would be the first message in the campaign) should be a crucial element in your strategy.

BUX Stories PR

The first thing that you notice about this BUX press release is the vivid visuals on the top of the page. If you’re a journalist who’s familiar with social media stories, then it’s immediately clear what the announcement is about.

Another thing to note is that this press release is only 250 words, which makes the copy easy to digest without having to wade through unnecessary fluff.

It’s also an interesting choice to highlight a long quote in the middle, but it makes sense to the story — which is about a new-age feature (stories) appearing on a mobile investment platform. This is not common practice, at all.

The quote, coming straight from the founder, explains the decision in depth. The distinctive formatting is a subtle way of shaping the story according to the company’s best interests.

The next best thing to note is this press release’s shareability. Want to copy the link, the text, or download the whole page as a document? This newsroom has you covered.

Pro tip: Is your new product something that your customers aren’t used to? Highlight a quote from your CEO to make your intentions clear through a personal voice.

2. Events

It doesn’t matter whether your event is open or closed to the public. You can utilize a press release either way.

If it’s closed, then your main priority is to inform the public of its occurrence and what you are planning to accomplish (e.g. fundraiser events, political assemblies, etc). A press release about a private event can still help in highlighting your organization’s progress toward its mission.

If your event is open to the public (e.g. grand opening, exhibition, family event, etc.) then your main goal is to get as many people there as possible. You can do this via engaging copy and photography.

Jimmy Nelson Press Release 

The biggest draw to an art show is the art itself. This Jimmy Nelson press release is using that to its full advantage. The main image is busy, but it comes alive and grabs your attention.

Additionally, with all the information presented on the page, this press release could qualify as a full press kit. There’s an in-depth description of the event, a summary, downloadable images, a PDF file, and clear contact information.

Despite the release itself being on the lengthy side and the video throwing an error message, it’s still an outstanding example of an event-type press release done well.

Pro tip: If your event has a highly visual aspect, make sure to play it up in your press release. Even if that’s not the case, you can still make the most of your release by providing all necessary information on one page, as if it was a full press kit.

3. Branding Changes

When there is a major change happening at your company, a press release is a good place to start informing the public. The two most notable branding updates could be a rebranding campaign or the introduction of a new partnership agreement.

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